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Steril Maximum

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STERIL MAXIMUM was designed and manufactured according to EN13060. The model has a built-in vaporizer which allows shorter work periods, a better energy spare, very small water use. In other words, it allows to save money.
Stainless-steel chamber. The autoclave is easy to be used with the aid of a large graphic display and the complete management and control software : every single step is explained in 10 different languages and can be set through the user menu. It includes a built-in printer, the electric closure of the door and internal settings for the connection to a water purification system.
A proprietary MTS (Memory Test System) for the assistance allows a more reliable and faster diagnosis, that means lower management costs. Every set-up cycle can be treated as a “ night cycle “.

STERIL MAXIMUM belongs to class B autoclaves with 10 different cycles + 2 test cycles (“ Vacuum Test “ and “ Helix/Bowie&Dick Test “ ). It is possible to select both Type-B cycles (6, with fractioned vacuum) and Type-S cycles (4, with pre and post-vacuum), according to the type of material to be sterilized.

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